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cobble n : rectangular paving stone with curved top; once used to make roads [syn: cobblestone, sett]


1 pave with cobblestones
2 repair or mend; "cobble shoes"

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  1. A cobblestone.


  1. To make shoes (what a cobbler does).
  2. To assemble ('cobble together' an improvised assembly).

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  • Cobble is a geologic term for a rock or rock fragment with a particle size between 64–256 mm (2.5–10 inch).
  • Cobbles are partially-rounded rocks used as a construction material for road and street surfacing: see cobblestone.
  • Cobble is a regional name for the Red-throated Diver.
  • Cobbles and variations can refer to testicles
  • Coble is a familiar term for the Hawfinch.
  • A potential homophone is Kabul, the capital of the country of Afghanistan.


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